WMO “WOW ” Project – 17th July 2017

“STRONG WOMEN EMPOWER OTHER WOMEN” HEALTHY LIFESTYLE & HEALTHCARE AS A CAREER LADIES ONLY EVENT The World Memon Organization [Africa Chapter] Ladies Wing and Youth Wing hosted a very successful Ladies Only Event on Sunday the 17th July 2016 at the Memon Foundation Centre in Laudium. A number of women from … Continue reading

WMO / Nelson Mandela “Wheelchair Campaign”

WMO KZN, Kamdar Group & Jamatun  Nisa sponsored wheelchairs to children who suffer from Cerebral palsy at the Natal Settlers in Umbilical. Tucked away in the grounds of the Natal Settler’s Memorial Homes, is a cottage/hospital that houses 41 children. 41 children who have been abandoned to the mercy of a system that … Continue reading

WMO Africa Chapter Debate Championship – 2016

The unprecedented events indexed in our glorious annals reverberate with the echo of a trinity; a trifecta so potent and promising which can and had sparked a revolution without treading into the atrocities of battlefield. Such a trio could only be formed by a warrior poet, an unequivocal leader and … Continue reading

WMO KZN / Jama ‘atun Nisaa Ramadhaan Projects 2016

Alhumdulillah, it was an overwhelming experience to be able to do something positive and rewarding for the less fortunate. May the Almighty accept our efforts AAMEEN. Some of the projects that we co-ordinated during the blessed month of Ramadhaan Local kajoor and Syria Iftaar with Darul Ihsaan Iftaar in rural areas … Continue reading

WMO donates a shelter for the Homeless & Destitute – Klipspruit Gauteng

After a Ramadhaan visit to Klipspruit by Moosa Carrim and Haroon Gutta of the WMO Africa Chapter, we found that there was a great need for a shelter, which would accommodate the orphans and elderly who were homeless. Appa Latiefa, a very well-known and respected woman in the community has been … Continue reading

Ramadhaan Projects 2016 [Hamper Distributions – Wesbury Gauteng]

Alhumdulillah, for the past 3 years WMO has been contributing towards the funding of food hampers distributed in the Wesbury area in Gauteng. Each year members of the Board of Management conducts a site visit to ensure that everything is managed and facilitated accordingly. The working team in Wesbury dedicates … Continue reading

Ramadhaan Projects 2016 – Brazzaville

Alhumdulillah, we were fortunate to be involved in two feeding schemes facilitated on a daily basis through the partnership of WMO [Africa Chapter] and Purposeful Giving [APEX Body of WMO]. Brazzaville Masjied—Atteredgeville—Pretoria: this institution is managed by Sheikh Omar and is a fairly new masjied, which was completed approximately 2 … Continue reading