WMO donates a shelter for the Homeless & Destitute – Klipspruit Gauteng

After a Ramadhaan visit to Klipspruit by Moosa Carrim and Haroon Gutta of the WMO Africa Chapter, we found that there was a great need for a shelter, which would accommodate the orphans and elderly who were homeless. Appa Latiefa, a very well-known and respected woman in the community has been managing a charitable organization supported by WMO and various other Muslim organizations and after witnessing the sad conditions these residents were currently living in, we decided to improve these conditions with the donation of a mobile unit, which consists of 8 rooms, a kitchen, a dining area and a make shift lounge.

We would like to make a special dua to Moosa Carrim and family who has made a substantial contribution to this project in this mubaarak month of Ramadhaan Alhumdulillah. May Allah reward them abundantly Dunyaa, Qabr & Aaghirah AAMEEN.

In addition to this WMO donated towards the daily feeding scheme of the residents.

WMO intends to continue assisting with the maintenance of this development and hopes to add to the betterment of the lives of the community of Klipspruit.

May the Almighty accept all our humble efforts AAMEEN.

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