WMO Youth Group visits Riverlea Madressah

On Saturday the 5th March 2016, members of the WMO Youth Group Rafeeyah, Farhaan, Salmaan and Zuleikha visited Riverlea Madressa, in order to finalise the handover of the money raised from our last WMO Social Braai. Alhumdulillah, we had raised a total of R15000. The Moulana and Imam were kind enough to give us a list of items they desperately needed and we managed to procure these items in just a few days.

The items included: 80 stationery packs (each containing a sharpener, eraser, 12 pencil colours, 2 ballpoint pens, 1 HB pencil, a ruler, a pencil case and an exercise book), 10 foldable desks for teaching (and eating), 50 chairs, 10 quraans, 10 basic daily dua kitaabs and 20 boxes of crayons.

The formal handover was scheduled on Tuesday 08th March 2016 at 6pm. Light pizza snacks were provided at the Riverlea Gabieboela Islamic Centre and the kids thoroughly enjoyed the pizza as well as the gift boxes donated by the WMO Youth Wing Members.

Quote: farhaan_mottiar “We can’t help everyone but everyone can help SOMEONE” – Dr Lorreta Scott. Back at it again… @wmoyouth have once again helped the Riverlea Madressah.

An amazing experience!! Thanks to all who donated towards this worthy cause and attended all the fundraisers of the WMO. Without you this would not have been possible!!!

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