WMO Africa Chapter Local AGM 2016

WMO [Africa Chapter] Annual General Meeting & Luncheon

The programme commenced with the Annual General Meeting of the WMO [Africa Chapter], which was hosted at the KIT KAT Convention Centre in Pretoria West Gauteng at 10h30 in the morning. Members of WMO started arriving at 10h15 and each were seated after having registered for the meeting. Pertinent issues were discussed by the Board of Management and a fruitful meeting was conducted until 12h30. During the meeting a new Treasurer was nominated and elected.

We wish to extend a warm welcome to our new Treasurer; Mr Ashraf Dada and would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Moosa Carrim who has served on the BOM as Treasurer for many years. His selfless efforts, sacrifices and dedication to this organization not only as a Treasurer IS and WILL always be appreciated. May Allah [SWT] reward him abundantly and grant him only good Dunya, Qabr and Aaghirah AAMEEN.

Zafreen Ayob presented the Ladies Wing activities on behalf of Fazila AK Ismail who was unfortunately unable to attend this event. It was quite evident that Fazila, her family and the ladies from the KZN and Gauteng region has made great efforts towards driving many WMO projects/ events and we hope that this enthusiasm will continue throughout the year.

At 12h30, the members closed the AGM with a dua by Feizul Ayob and continued to the masjied for Jamaa’at salaah. During this time, the team of KIT KAT Convention Centre and the events co-ordinators made a quick turnaround in the same venue for the upcoming luncheon, which commenced at 13h30.

Over 400 guests arrived from 13h00 onwards and the registration team and BOM welcomed and ensured that each guest signed in and were seated by 13h45. The hall was abuzz with all the guests meeting and greeting, young and old gathering with an overwhelming feeling of excitement when friends and family come together. With all the catch up discussions it took a while to get the programme started, however once the programme commenced with the opening dua by Mr Hussein Kalla and a warm welcome from Dr Haroon Gutta [ASG] our guests were settled down and engaged in the programme.

Our VP, Mr Haroun Joosub took a moment to elaborate on the objective of the Luncheon, which was to inform the public / friends of WMO of the progress made by the organization and encouraging those who have not yet signed up as members to use this opportunity to become a member.

Thereafter, the International President, Mr Solly Noor took the podium with very inspiring words and an introduction to our keynote speaker and his friend; Mr Trevor Manuel [Former Minister of Finance].

The event was a huge success Alhumdulillah. We wish to give a special thank you to Hajie Kit Kat who availed his venue and staff members and offered us quality and professional services.

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