Ramadhaan Project – 12th June 2016

Alhumdulillah, on the 12th June 2016, the World Memon Organization [Africa Chapter] & Purposeful Giving [Apex Body] once again visited the Itireleng community, which is an informal settlement on the doorstep of Laudium. This has become one of our annual Ramadhaan projects and we have built strong relations with this community who are very appreciative when we visit. Even though there is so much of help offered during the collections and distributions it is evident that the community still lacks the basic everyday necessities and we can but only make dua that Allah [SWT] allows us to continue with our contributions and hopefully it will make a difference in the lives of these wonderful people.  To add to this memorable experience we were fortunate to form a Halqa and perform Zuhr Salaah with the community.

The following items were distributed: 50 party packs to the children, 50 chicken Licken meals for the children, 80 hygiene packs, 80 grocery packs, 80 packs of toilet rolls, 80 bags of oranges, Loaves of bread, 2 Deghs of Food

IMG-20160612-WA0031  IMG-20160612-WA0019  IMG-20160612-WA0023  IMG-20160612-WA0024  IMG-20160612-WA0025   IMG-20160612-WA0028


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