WMO Women’s Wing International – Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital

The medical staff from Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital in Umlazi, Durban sent an appeal for food hampers for children in the hospital’s malnutrition unit. These were children who came from impoverished homes and were suffering from severe malnutrition.

A list of specified items of food was given to us by doctors from the Prince Mashiyeni hospital. Doctors wanted to hand out these hampers to the parents of these children on discharge, so that once they at home these kids are given proper nutrition to regain their strength.

As part of our International Project for Children of Special Needs WMO Womens Wing together with Jama’atun Nisaa went on a drive to raise funds for these hampers and Alhumdulillah a cash amount of R50 000 was collected and paid towards purchase of food items to make up these hampers.

Many other items of food and other necessities were also sponsored by various memon business houses for us to include in the hampers.Drop off point for collection of items by sponsors was at our Jama’atun Nisaa offices at NMJ.

500 hampers were physically packed by our Memon Ladies assisted by our house maids and NMJ staff and delivered direct to the hospital by transport arranged and paid for by us. Distribution at the hospital was personally supervised by the Muslim doctors who originally made the appeal to us. May Almighty Allah SWT accept our efforts and reward all our sponsors who contributed in cash or kind and every sister who participated in raising of these funds and physically helping to pack these hampers as many of our Memon ladies from affluent homes were so touched on hearing of this situation right at our doorstep, that they were hands on assisting with packing of these hampers. It just took us few days to co – ordinate this effort because we as mothers could not go to bed knowing that there were children who could die due to lack of food.


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