WMO Africa Ramadhaan 2015 Projects

During the month of Ramadhaan , WMO [Africa Chapter] donated R100 000 towards food hampers for needy Muslim families in the community of Westbury Gauteng South Africa

3a. Westbury  3b. Westbury  3c. Westbury

WMO donated R10 000 towards groceries parcels, distributed in the Kliptown Gauteng area on the 11th July 2015.  In addition to this WMO donated the building of s structure worth [R28,550.00] to accommodate daily madressah classes in the Kliptown community.

4d Kliptown

Sayed Mia, Haroon Gutta, Shafique Tayob & Appa Latifa

4a. Kliptown  4b. Kliptown  4c. Kliptown    4e. Kliptown


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