Purposeful Giving & WMO Ladies Wing SHOEBOX PROJECT

Purposeful Giving and WMO [Africa Chapter] distributed 60 Ramadan Shoeboxes to underprivileged children at the Brazaville Madressah on Saturday 11th July 2015. The Ramadan Shoebox is a nationwide project and was adopted by PG and WMO to run in Pretoria.

The idea is based on someone pledging a box and filling it with the necessity items as well as a special gift for the child the box will be gifted to.

The box would also be decorated and personalized making it extra special for the recipient.

Each box contained the following items:

1. Toothpaste & toothbrush

2. Body soap & wash cloth

3. Body cream

4. Vaseline

5. Deodorant

6. Hair brush & hair comb

7. Set of marking pens

8. Set of colour pencils

9. Various sweets (jelly tots, fizzers, kit kat, lollipops, etc.)

10. Tissue pack

11. Either one of the following based on age of the recipient: A. Colour pens (11-17) B. Crayons & colouring book (8-10) C. Play dough (5-7)

12. Pair of socks

13. Beanie

14. A special gift All of the above items were sponsored by members of the community.

An event was held for people to come and decorate and pack the boxes at the Al Ghazali School in Erasmia on Saturday 27 June 2015. The boxes along with a stationery pack sponsored by Freedom Stationers, a sweet pack, the burqas, Chicken Licken meals for the kids & an Iftaar pack (oranges, bananas, drinks, biscuits, dates & a degh of Akhnee) was distributed.

Brazaville is an informal settlement bordering Atteredgeville. There are no basic services such as sanitation, running water and limited electricity. A piece of land has been allocated for the building of a Masjid of which the foundation has been laid and has been sponsored by an individual.

After the visit, another three individuals are considering contributing towards the construction of this Masjid.

We intend to make the Ramadan Shoebox project an annual project and furthermore we hope to be a contributor towards the upliftment of the Brazaville Madressah and community AAMEEN.

5a. Shoebox  5b. Shoebox  5c. Shoebox  5d. Shoebox

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