WMO Africa BOM elections 2014

Assalaamoe Alaykoem Wa ragmatoellaahie Wabarakaatoeh

As you are aware the Election for 2014 [Board of Management – WMO Africa Chapter] is scheduled to be held on 27th April and the deadline to finalize the Voter list has now been extended to 31st March 2014.

All members are requested to ensure that their Membership Fees are updated (Including: Annual, Patron & Trustee). NOTE: Only Members whose membership fees are paid/regular will be eligible to vote at this Election.


If you are an annual member and wish to renew your membership with WMO – pls complete form attached and kindly send to me with proof of payment to: Email: wmoafrica786@gmail.com / Fax: 0880118376717. Any completed nomination forms may be sent to me as well via email / fax Inshaa-allah

Jazaakallah and Wassalaam

Khashiefa Martin

WMO [Africa Chapter]
P.O. Box 188 Crown Mines, Gauteng, 2025
 Mob:               +27 84 701 3208
Tel:                  +27 11 025 8343
Fax:                  088 011 837 6717
Email:              wmoafrica786@gmail.com
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