Brief BOM Reports of Progress 14-03-08

1. Wheelchair Campaign:

We received 50 wheelchairs last year from Yusuf Kamdar. We managed to distribute all the wheelchairs in fact the last one has been collected this week. We have requested additional wheelchairs and we have been promised another 20 wheelchairs by Yusuf Kamdar. We are in the process of partnering with Haroon Kalla where we will sponsor wheelchairs through his organization. We need to finalize the process and awaiting his call to set up meeting to formalize everything.

  • Yusuf Kamdar to follow up with the WMO Logo design on wheelchairs
  • Request for Wheelchair – 70 old woman undergoing chemo
  • Rahima Moosa requested few wheelchairs for transport within hospital – as soon as wheelchairs arrive – Haroon to meet with them to discuss this further

Haroon Gutta


2. Intend partnering with IMASA FRAILCARE project  – the ladies wing will spearhead this. Launch was delayed last year ,will keep in touch with them via Khashiefa.

Haroon Guttta

Khashiefa: NOTE: AWQAF has sponsored the training of 4 care givers from IMASA and the services are being offered in the Crosby, Mayfair areas. AWQAF & IMASA has purchased medical equipment to rent from IMASA offices in Auckland Park. Request has been made to WMO to sponsor a few wheelchairs towards the rental services – awaiting confirmation.


3. We need to formulate a response to individual requests that keep coming through for assistance be it financially or medically. My suggestion that we concentrate only on zakaat requests and that we have a budget for once off [short term] and for ongoing projects [long term].

Haroon Gutta


4. Renal Dialysis Project:

  • All patients referred are screened and approved by SANZAF for Zakaat eligibility
  • Mr Yalabi – 1st patient on programme – has successfully gone onto medical aid
  • Mr Mahomed Abdulla’s – medical expenses etc referred by Dr Wadee was covered by WMO – Dr Wadee to advise if his dialysis has been funded by Sultan Bahu as previously discussed
  • Letter of appreciation was sent by Mr Abdikader – he has now been taken off of the Renal Dialysis programme and has moved overseas – to continue his dialysis there.
  • We currently have Mrs Marshman on the programme and her dialysis funded by WMO – monthly – Dr Wadee looking into options of getting her on a medical aid.
  • New patient on programme – Mr Ebrahim Garda – 71 yrs of age
  • IMASA NEC has discussed the programme with Council Members – Cape Town & Durban Branch eager to also tap into the funding provided by WMO. Dr Wadee has requested motivational letters for patients from their regions and meeting the criteria of the programme.  As soon as patients are approved – funding will have to be allocated to the various IMA Branches.


5. Memon Language Classes in Johannesburg:

Venue secured:   Image Lifestyle Centre available with compliments from Mr Altaf Akoo.

Proposed Classes –  once a week for an hour – Monday, Tuesday Or Wednesday between 19:30 and 20:30. We must decide which day will be most convenient for scholars and students, and then we can send out email so we can kick off with the classes ASAP ,

Shafique Tayob


6. Memon Language Classes in Laudium:

Classes on Wednesdays. Have created a Memon chat group – chat every night from 19h30 – 20h30

Muhammad Chhaya


7. Social Events Gauteng – WMO Family Picnic planned for end April ‘14. Khashiefa to confirm exact date / venue with Feizul Ayob. Invites to be circulated and distributed.  WMO High Tea set for Sept / Oct ‘14.

8. Census – no progress since last year 2013. WMO BOM needs to brainstorm options.

9. Website – we had some technical troubles last year. Active again with monthly emails.

Shabir Moosa

10. Cape Town Memon Picnic – Sunday 2nd  of March at the Fernwood Parliamentary Club, Rhodes Avenue in Newlands. There will be a banner by the gate showing that it is a Memon function

Asraf Karim


11. I have been involved in the Bursary Committee with the Natal Memon Jamaat and have been in contact with Mr Solly Suleman with regards to the funds available via WMO for disbursement in Natal. We have not disbursed funds as yet for 2014 and I will be reviewing all applicants together with my committee’s input  in March. I will get in touch with Solly with regards to the availability of funds for the students that require them. This will be done with the joint input of WMO and the Natal Memon Jamaat.

Salaams. Razak Essack


12. Status of World Memon Hall Claudius:  By: Aziz Tayob Architects (per request)

13. Muhammad Chhaya to give feedback regards the cricket tournament at the next meeting

14. Azim Omar to send Youth Wing report

15. Fazila Ismail to send Ladies Wing report

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