Lilongwe Memon Association

On Wednesday, 26th August 2015, LMA (Lilongwe Memon Association) Ladies Wing spent the afternoon donating at Bwaila Bottom Hospital Area 2 Lilongwe.

A programme funded by WMO (World Memon Organization) and the Memon community in Lilongwe. Another great contribution, efforts and input organized by the Lilongwe Memon Association.

Our Chairman and Trustees researched various areas of need and identified Bwaila Bottom Hospital Area 2 Children’s Ward in Lilongwe as a potential area of great need.

We thank Mr Yusuf M Abubaker for arranging all the admin correspondence required.

We would also like to thank all the ladies that took time out in arranging the Programme at Bwaila Bottom Hospital of Lilongwe.

Some of the items donated are mentioned below:

4 tons of Rice

Milk Powder

Bathing Basins for new born / minors


Baby diapers and baby bottles etc

Mainly to the Maternity Wing at the Bwaila Hospital. The matron and admin staff at bottom hospital received the ladies well and were thankful for the donations. A great need still is required in all government hospitals across Malawi.

A final thank you to all our Memon community in Lilongwe and the WMO (World Memon Organization) that contributed towards this cause.

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