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WMO Youth [Africa]
Terms & Conditions

Herewith are the terms and conditions (T&C’s) set out by the World Memon Organization (WMO) Youth; setting out the rights and obligations of the ticket holder.

1)      Definitions;

1.1)  “Confirmation email” means the notice sent to your chosen email address confirming our acceptance or refusal of your ticket purchase. ( if purchase is via eft).

1.2) “ Venue” means 28 Central Street, Houghton, Johannesburg.

1.3) “ WMO” means World Memon Organization Youth Africa, as well as World Memon Organization

1.4) “ Events” means movie night activities arrange by WMO Youth Africa.

2)      You hereby agree to purchase From WMO Youth Africa, and WMO Youth Africa agrees to sell to you, the Ticket(s) you have selected to purchase, subject to the terms and conditions set out forthwith. You agree to pay the full cost of the Ticket(s) ordered; including any applicable taxes, convenience fees, delivery fees and/or other add-on items selected by you before any Ticket(s) are issued. No reservations or exceptions will be negotiated before or after the Event. No refunds or credit will be allowed either.

3)      You must produce a valid Ticket(s) to gain entry to the Venue. Failure to produce such Ticket(s) will result in immediate removal from the Venue and access will be denied. Alternatively, you may bring a confirmation email sent to you from the WMO Youth to gain access to the Venue.

4)      Restrictions;

4.1)  The following restrictions will apply to your attendance at the Event and your breach of any of these will lead to your ejection from the Venue. Appropriate standards of behavior are expected of all persons attending the Event. Person(s) deemed to be behaving in a manner that is dangerous or unacceptable in the opinion of WMO Youth Africa  or its agents or contractors will be refused admission and/or removed from the Venue with no refund.

4.2) In order to facilitate the security, safety and comfort of all patrons  we reserve the right, in our reasonable discretion, to conduct security searches of persons, clothing, bags and all other items upon entry and exit of the Venue. To confiscate items which may cause danger or disruption to the Event or to other patrons or that are in breach of the Ticketing Terms and/or to refuse admission with no refund if we have reasonable grounds to do so.

4.3) Ticket holders may be ejected from the Venue if, the ticket holder is a risk to the safety of any patron and/or may affect the enjoyment of other patrons and/or the running of the Event or may cause damage, nuisance or injury. Examples include being (or appearing to be) drunk, incapable, intoxicated or under the influence of illegal drugs, under-age (where applicable), abusive, threatening, behaving anti-socially, carrying offensive weapons or illegal substances, declining to be searched or in breach of any of these Ticketing Terms or the terms and conditions of the Venue.

4.4) The following items are prohibited interalia;

4.4.1)  Glass bottles or containers or other heavy and/or sharp objects, which could potentially be used as projectiles;

4.4.2) Any illegal drugs.

4.4.3) Knives, weapons of any nature or fireworks.

4.4.4) Flags with poles, large flags or banners that may obstruct the view of other patrons.

5) Smoking is not permitted in the Venue.

6) Efforts will be made to admit latecomers at an appropriate break in the performance of the Event. Entry will not be permitted if it will disrupt the performance.

7) You voluntarily assume all risks and dangers incidental to the Event, whether occurring before, during or after the Event. You waive any claims for loss, damage, personal injury or death against WMO Youth Africa, the management of WMO Youth Africa, any agent of WMO Youth Africa, participants and all of their respective parents, owners and employees.

8) Event may contain flashing lights which may affect people with photosensitive epilepsy and/or loud music that may affect people with sensitive hearing. Please take this into consideration before purchasing Ticket(s).

9) All clauses in the Ticketing Terms are provisions which limit the risk or liability of WMO Youth Africa (including planning members) and/or constitute an assumption of risk or liability and/or a waiver of rights by you and/or are an acknowledgement of a fact by you and are therefore drawn to your attention. You should pay particular attention to these clauses and consider them carefully.

10) Neither the Venue nor WMO Youth Africa will accept responsibility for damage or loss to any property (including motor vehicles);

10.1) The risk of inclement weather.

10.2)No liability can be claimed in respect of; the location of your seating or standing place relative to the screen as indicated on the seating plan prepared for the Venue; or

10.3) The quality of the view from your seat or standing place; or

10.4) The lack of adequate parking at The Venue; or

10.5) Problems relating to the adequacy of traffic control to and from the Venue. Or;

10.6) The lack of or inadequacy   of food and beverages at the Venue; or

10.7) The quality of sound and lighting at the Event; or

10.8) The quality if any service provided by independent contractors at the Venue.

11) If you have any questions or quarries pertaining to the terms and conditions stated above please feel free to contact wmoafricayg@gmail.com OR wmoafrica786@gmail.com / 0118376717

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