Assalaamu alaikum

The WMO Family Picnics held in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban were superb successes. Many families got together to catch up with family AND friends. Some after 40 years!! The WMO feels that such socialising will only build on pioneering forefathers, contributing both to the development of South Africa and Islamic values and institutions in the new South Africa. It is already helping younger Memons to get to know their lost extended families and community, including younger Memons blazing trails in the new South Africa.

WMO has decided to hold these social events twice a year in three major centres – once as a picnic in late summer (Feb-Apr) and once as a high tea in a hall in late winter (Sept-Oct). Inform all your family members to ensure that your extended historical family is represented by these events.

We insist on keeping the picnic simple to build this family network. Bring along old albums, which you might want to share. Come and enjoy meeting long-lost family! Just bring enough food (even take-out), picnic comforts, sheets and shades for your own family (and a little extra) and join us in the pleasure of meeting, praying, sharing and playing a few games for those young at heart. You may be able to buy at food-stands.

* CAPE TOWN @ 11am-3pm, 24th February 2013, Fernwood Parliamentary Club, Rhodes Ave, Fernwood
* JOHANNESBURG @ 11am-3pm, 17th March 2013, Zoo Lake
* DURBAN @ 11am-3pm, 7th April 2013, Amphitheatre, North Beach (opp. Elangeni)


ORGANISERS: Please call if you need directions or have queries:

* CAPE TOWN – Asraf Karim [083 791 5812 / asraf@grindlay.co.za] / Joe [072 404 2259]
* JOHANNESBURG – Shabir Moosa [079 517 0544 / shabir@drmoosa.co.za]
* DURBAN – Solly Suleman [0837861119 / solly@sparkport.co.za]
* LADIES – Nisaa / Fazila [031 8258786 / 084 786 0233 / fazila.aki@gmail.com]

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