Operation Hydrate 2016

Alhumdulillah, on the 14th January 2016, WMO [Africa Chapter] donated a full truck of water towards “Operation Hydrate Project”.

Board Of Management Member – Mr Moosa Carrim was presented a cheque of R73 000 to Mr Fiyaaz Moosa, Mr R. Theba & Mr Salim Thoken who are spear heading this worthy course.

We make dua that our small contribution would be of benefit to those who are severely affected by the water shortage throughout South Africa.

IMG-20160115-WA074   IMG-20160115-WA071

WMO Africa Chapter & Jama’atun Nisaa [APEX Body] jointly supported a project co-ordinated by Al-Ansaar Foundation to raise funds for water to be distributed to the less fortunate who are deprived of water due to the severe drought we are currently experiencing in South Africa.

All pledges were made by Jama’atun Nisaa & WMO Africa Ladies Wing. The ladies raised the money within 24 hours and Alhumdulillah, X400 cases of water we delivered on Saturday the 30th January 2016.

May Allah [SWT] accept the efforts of all those who assisted AAMEEN

Co-ordinated by: Fazila AK Ismail, Shireen Arbee, Jameela Joosub, Halima Abdulla & Raeesa Abdulla

IMG-20160130-WA012   IMG-20160130-WA010

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