Invitation for “BRING AND SHARE” Family Picnic

Assalaamu alaikum to all families!

There were many pioneering language communities in South Africa since the 1860’s that we should be proud of. Many Memon families were at the forefront of developing Islamic values and institutions that we see in the new South Africa. It is unfortunate that younger Memons know so little of their families and their community. With families getting bigger and weddings getting smaller we are losing track of even our extended family. Cousins have become strangers! It is also unfortunate that many younger Memons are blazing trails in the new South Africa without knowing of each other, their common heritage and strong Islamic values. We need to build the large extended Memon families like before!

We are organising a simple picnic to build this family network and we hope you will come. Make sure you send this email (or print the attachment) to all your family to ensure your extended historical family comes together and is represented there – whether Kallas, Tayobs, Moosas, Jhaveris, Joosubs etc. Just bring enough food, picnic comforts, sheets and shades for your own family (and a little extra) and join us in the pleasure of meeting, sharing and playing a few interactive games for those young at heart. If it means competitive games between families then bring it on! If you want to organise wholesome Islamic entertainment for the families then surprise us. Salaah will be at 12.30 with a brief welcome, then lunch and games. Please extend the invitation to others in your family and make sure your family is represented in numbers with your family camp in the big Memon circle. It is open to all. Allah’s barakah will follow, Insha-Allah! See and here for more.

Help us build the network….. 
You can check who is on the WMO database here.
You can also forward this email to others in your family to add themselves to the WMO database here.

Also set up your family tree at and get to know your family. If you struggle we can help you at the picnic.

It would  be really nice if you could come a bit early to put your extended family (going back a few generations) on flip chart paper with some names and a few photographs. We will put it up for people to get to know each other. We would also like to collate a CD of old photos so bring your old albums along with some photos you might want to share. Come and ENJOY meeting long-lost family!

Johannesburg @ 11am-3pm, 16th Sept 2012 Zoo Lake,
Durban @ 11am-3pm, 23rd Sept 2012 Amphitheatre,  North Beach (opp. Elangeni),
Look out for the signs ‘FAMILY PICNIC’

Please call if you need directions or have queries:
Jhb – Shabir Moosa [0795170544 /]
Dbn – Solly Suleman [0837861119 /]

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