We really appreciate your willingness to fill in this census of the Memon Community. We pray that everyone in your family will be captured. Download forms and see explanations below.

WMO Africa Census letter Memon Family

WMO Africa Chapter Census Form lite

The idea is to get details of each family and their residential address. We want everyone to network with each other, especially in business, so these details will be captured. This will be solely for communication by WMO and its member organisations. The business details will be put up briefly on the WMO Africa website to enable business networking.

In order to help you fill this form here is a small explanation:

Section A: Individual details – this is for every person in the house, including children, so we understand family structure. We also want to support speaking Memon. Your occupation, if applicable, will be useful to create professional / leadership networking. Contact details, including if you use social media, will be helpful to guide us in the networking.

Section B: Business details – this is for any member who has a business that s/he wants known and available on the WMO Africa website.

Section C: Residential address – this is to locate the Memon community and build stronger local links.

You should hand over the forms to your Regional Coordinator or you can fax over filled forms to the WMO Office Administrator, Mrs Kashiefa Martins (088 011 837 6717). The deadline for submissions of filled census forms is 30th August 2013.

We trust you will make this a successful campaign in building the community.

List of Regional Coordinators

Khalid Hassim Makopane 071 678-6666
Ismail Gani Middleburg 082 562-5382
Salim Moosa Middleburg 082 785-1930
Iqbal Dada Polokwane 082 786-1543
Sikander Gani Polokwane 083 400-6666
Iqbal Mottiar Polokwane 072 037-5786
Omar Dambha NOT AVAILABLE Potchefstroom 018 296-0505
Faizul NM Ayob Pretoria 082 566-4123
Farouk Tayob Pretoria 082 447-0528
Shabier NM Essa Pretoria 083 277-9555
A Samad Gatta Pretoria 082 620-7861
Dr Joosub Abba Rustenburg 083 786-9923
Yusuf Carrim Noor Rustenburg 082 877-7209
Ashraf Suliman Springs 083 702-4497
Noor Mohamed Omar ganosman@mweb.co.za Standerton 017 712-1141
A Aziz Mohamed (Giga) Tzaneen 082 414-7778
Anver Alli Amod Vereniging 016 422-3666
Ashraf Gani Vryburg 053 927-1901
Haroon Ghoor 082 550-7122
Suliman Ghoor 082 550-7124
A Aziz Mohamed azizmasons@gmail.com Balfour/Heidelburg 082 578-6017
Sikander Hassim Bethal/Trichardt 082 957-9667
Akber Hassim (Akel) Burgersford/Lydenburg 082 786-7311
Ameer Soomar BRITS 072 707-3331
Khalid Ghoor BRITS 082 762-7867
Rashid Ahmed Joosub Ermelo 083 577-8618
Dr A Razack Moti Johannesburg 083 327-3786
Shaukat Osman Johannesburg 082 558-2999
Zunaid Gani Johannesburg 082 929-1326
Farouk Kalla Johannesburg 078 575-4287
Ebrahim Moosa Johannesburg 084 230-7861
A Kadir Kalla Lenasia 083 298-2099
Suliman Gani Lenasia 083 708-1650
Moosa Gani Lenasia 083 445-9993
Salim Mottiar Lenasia 082 263-6651
Massood Tarmohamed Lenasia 084 581-4188
Joe Gani Lenasia 083 324-7685
A Aziz Ayob NOT AVAILABLE Louis Trichardt 015 516-4316
Reshad Ismail Louis Trichardt 082 786-1543
Feroze Ayob Mafikeng 082 550-7860
Hassim Aboo trader@yebo.co.za Mafikeng 018 381-6076
Ebrahim Gatta Mafikeng 083 413-1312
Farouk Ayob RECEPTION BAD 018 381 0280

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